Monday, June 25, 2012


Do not give all of yourself away. Not even to the person whom you love the most, or the person whom you think maybe you might love the most even though part of you doesn't want to admit that you're not entirely sure; not to the person who says that they love you the most, not even if they think they are telling the truth, not even if you believe them. Save yourself.

Save part of yourself. Not to hoard away in a cardboard box in the back of the darkened wardrobe. but to nurture, so that you can grow bigger, and share still more of yourself, because you are beautiful. and because you know this you will save part of yourself, and you will  nurture it. you will stroke it and call it love-names and clothe it in sunshine and feed it rubies and light.


"The gold staff of self esteem lies dormant in the sun and is used by many primary school teachers as an instructive tool. I hope to die without self esteem, surrounded by mountains."


still feet wind blowing


what interesting word choice: rescued. what the corn is growing. the wind moves it. where the sun shines through. leaves parting. where rocks lie, plump and circumstantial. queen anne's lace coaxing up to their sides. the lawn is mown in straight lines. the child's electric car makes slow tedious circles through the otherwise straight lines.

there is water in the pool it is moving. there is water it is moving. there is. water moves. your face is precious to me.

it is changing. who I am to you is what you were, once, thinking. perhaps now I am a radish with a screw loose. you say that I'm peculiar. I make you laugh.

most times, I do not understand why we are joking. still what the corn is growing. the wind moves it.


so much time waiting for a blink.the ding sound signifying. someone is paying attention.

to me, is the whole of it. I yearn yearn yearn then want more of it. crouching in dung at the feet of stern trees. I am a child to them, though this June was a birthday. though, in truth. I feel too old.

the rejected christmas trees bestowed another chance. in this lawn, struggling beside the clover.I want like the wren at the top of the tiny blue spruce: its guardian angel.

above-ground pool

how gross do you think that cider will be, sitting there all night on the windowsill. opened. I need to urinate and do so in the bathroom with the light off. He will not go swimming with me in the above-ground pool even though

It is nice out

even though

It is early evening.

If you are not sure 100% then what the fuck are you doing.
I opened the door. Somebody's dream floated by my left foot.