Thursday, September 5, 2013


I walk piebald and scathed. Black tires roll silent
concrete. Leaves scatter. Bend to a liberated shoelace.
Little girl chases blue balloons.

Memory: come on, daddy. daddy, 
come on. Videotape.
He is of the screen and observing it.
I/she turn to call for him.
Long brown hair swings.

Tell me why. Tell me tell     Don't be.

Time differ
ence. He eyes
the sun      set banks
of the Thames. The sky
    starless in

I forgot his tattoos. I forgot
him. I    forgot   tongue-- breath-    to

The moon sets.Reflect                                             me
-shone in gotham       windows. A plastic bag full of hair.

I cut I
   cut cut   cut     it    
                          out,  OUT,   our

scabbed psyches, bloody chimera,
yellow-faced baboon. Gorilla grip hands girl a black balloon.

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