Friday, September 6, 2013


silly  ->  myocardial

infar-- infra-- red
eyes burn lungs/pollution semi rumble  semis  crack semi

  the heart
                                       grow      grows  

fondle [me] in treetops firesmokefingershairears different.
save [me] baptize putrid water putrid splash   spill
                over     OVER

abrasion. ripping sounds.

            Tanta. tantalies [me]. tar buildup tar runoff    tar-hot

         cocoon.     so                   far     fetch

[me] stingray foot cry grandmother please 

dead. is sucking stinger from the bottom of my foot. is kissing me kiss kiss kiss
me kiss marry    may  

I bottomfeed. I algaesuck. I planktonslurp. I cough exhale wheeze smoke blue bile, Gotham

     long [me]. forsake    
     for [he] shall be   for  (sake)   give  

[me]    plea .

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