Sunday, November 21, 2010

5. Saturday link round-up*

A ((n) abbreviated) collection of stuff I've been perusing online:

1. The writings of Peace Pilgrim

"What we suffer from is immaturity. If we were mature people, war would be no problem - it would be impossible."

2. The Privilege Denying Dude

"A dude dressing like a girl or a girl dressing like a dude must be gay"

3. Totally Unique Thoughts

"All things and events are born from the thoughts of those who experience them, and our thoughts stem from our beliefs and expectations about life. When you meet someone, the important thing to remember is that YOU caused and permitted them to come into your life. You were not a bystander; you were the reason. And as for why you chose as you did... there are as many reasons as there are meetings."

 4. Why I Am a Monarchist (I've got some issues with this one, but value it for stimulating my intellect)

"We are not permitted to see our real rulers, and never permitted to name them. The democratic sham covers the oligarchic reality."

5. The Cultural Recyclists' blog (some of my dear friends are bicycling across the country to learn and to raise awareness for transitioning to local and sustainable lifestyles and communities)

 "I said to Charlie, “Tell everyone I love them. Its all good."'

6. Fat heffalump

"Don’t let anyone diminish how you feel.  Don’t let anyone tell you to just “get over it”.  How dare they?  Are they the ones harmed by the behaviour?  Even if they are, they choose how THEY react to it, and how they feel about it, not how anyone else does.  Your emotions are YOURS, and nobody has any right to minimise them."

7. Small Change (by Malcolm Gladwell)

"Fifty years after one of the most extraordinary episodes of social upheaval in American history, we seem to have forgotten what activism is."

"Grounds For Sculpture was established in 1992 to promote an understanding of and appreciation for contemporary sculpture."

There you have it: Just a small sampling of the stuff that I've introduced to my brain of late. If you've been reading anything interesting (online or otherwise), I'm wide open to suggestions!

*Okay, so now it's Sunday. Very, very early in the morning on Sunday. I should go to bed. But technically, I started (and saved) this post on Saturday. Hence, the title remains.

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