Thursday, December 16, 2010

9. Thursday link round-up

I'm lying on top of my bed in a sweatshirt and loose cotton pants. It is 10:22pm and I am... not exhausted, but tired. Still, I am staying up reading some things:

1. Other universes, Russian dolls:

2. Music video: a plea for contributions

3. Writings for writers

Ah, screw it. I've read more tonight, some and not all of it interesting, but really I just wanted to post that first link, to have the whole world read that just maybe, all possible universes are already present within this universe-- and if this is true macrocosmically then isn't it also potentially true that the same principle exists on the microcosmic, individual scale: that each of us already contains everything imaginable within ourselves-- and if this is true then isn't it maybe true that we can manifest any possibility that we choose, that we are limited not by reality (which is unlimited) but merely by our own minds-- and if our minds are powerful enough to constrain our life and our perceived limitations then perhaps our minds are also strong enough to blow the lid right off us

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