Friday, March 1, 2013

(we're swimming in it!)

you are what you read.

I am beginning to accept that I will continually reinvent myself for the rest of my life.

oh, heaven is the lakes and trails of maine and pennsylvania, and maybe licking an ice cream cone in a small town in vermont. the shores of lake george, purple lightning tap-tap-tapping the tops of trees. touching my lips to the soft creases of a horse's nose. my face pressed into the steady breath of a dreaming dog's stomach. the rise and, equally, falling.

I am a big fish I am a big fish I am a big fish ain't nobody got time for jokes about the sea. we're swimming in it!

yesterday Claudine asked me if I was happy. I said who the fuck are you Claudine I just made you up in my head. then I walked down 52nd street, turned a corner, and disappeared

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