Sunday, October 13, 2013

(Sunday, October)

Why one mug of tea was warm and the other cold is beyond me. Why, the warm one sat for 15 minutes before I raised it to my lips, and still generated more heat on my tongue than the first one. I heated them for the same amount of time and I poured both mugs immediately after the water became hot, so there's no real sensible explanation. I suppose there is magic afoot in this kitchen, and that's that.

The house rolls and rumbles and growls such that I think for a moment another rain storm is starting. Instead the clouds hang low, dry, desolate, and little ashamed after the mess they've made. Two months' worth of rain in the space of 24 hours. Okay, Mother Nature. Time to tuck it back in your pants.

I call my brother to ask for a kombucha. He groans; he's already several aisles away. Still he shuffles back to the rows of colorful bottles; a kind-hearted misanthrope in search of the Trilogy.

I believe the dogs knew I was sick last night, and that's why they pressed their tight little bodies into my stomach where I lay curled on the leather couch, and licked my nose occasionally. My throat still hurts but my nostrils have never felt better.

Today I walked in the woods by the lake, despite feeling like shit, and I do not regret it. I saw golden leaves; I hopped no less than two creeks and one giant puddle; I helped a wooly caterpillar to one more chance at living; I laughed as a big white dog bounded up to me, sopping wet and looking for love.

From the woods I drove to the local farm store where I bought apples and pickled eggs and almost literally ran into a man who kissed me on New Year's Eve several years ago. Or was it Christmas. Or was it the middle of September.

I hiked back down the hill and sat in my car for a moment, watching children roll pumpkins while their parents talked about how stressed they felt, with the holidays only two months away and so much to prepare in the meantime. I thought, if it means living like a child I will never throw a holiday party. I will sit in the house eating candy and then I will go outside and play.

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