Saturday, August 2, 2014

What does it mean to be non-hegemonical in everyday life?

If I paint the walls will anyone notice this home has been condemned?
I bought a bucket at Rite-Aid then stopped to play the piano for the young man on the sidewalk.
Music for everyone he says I say I can get behind that.

In the hot grass lot I trade two organic Capri Sun rip-offs for three shots of vodka.
That concert changed my life.

The kitchen floors are mopped, now, the sink scrubbed down, the dishwasher run.
Why don't you go and find it?


After the rains the world cools down. Damp wood and puddled roofs.
When I ride my bike a thin black line of water appears on the back of my shirt.

I have no one to talk to about this.

Tomorrow I will build supports for the tomatoes and peppers.
One cut bleeds on my knee, the other at the base of my left hand's middle finger.

The rainbow plant drowns.
The begonias are due for a watering.

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