Thursday, September 3, 2015

Observations (v1)


The penis in my dream had a dent in it, like someone had taken an ice cream scoop to the bottom left side.

I guess I shouldn't leave the windows down; it might rain. It's hot as balls, though.

5:16. I'll walk til the minute hand kicks over.

This is not the side of the creek on which I usually run.

The water is lower than it was three weeks ago.

The dog can tell that I'm bleeding. He plunges his nose into my crotch and inhales. Why isn't his owner calling him off.

I am lost. Or, rather, I've never been on this trail before.

I am in the woods. I have no reason to believe I am safe. Always the thing I am scared of is men finding me alone. I have my car keys, so that's something; I can put them between my fingers...

Come at me, motherfucker, I dare you.

Oh, here's the red blaze.

Oh, I remember this car from earlier.

Wherever I go, eventually I'll know where I am.

That was a fast mile.

Here's that spot where I saw that mama duck and her ducklings.

Sand. that scene from the Princess Bride, with the quicksand, right before Wesley is attacked by one of the ROUSes...

Shit, don't bite me; dog looks skittish.

I've never seen greyhounds so small. I wonder what a baby greyhound looks like.

Oh, here's the covered bridge.

Here's that spot where I saw a great blue heron that one time. God that was so good.

I'll walk this hill. Here, crooked lung, I will concede this much.

It's not my fault.

I am hugging my own stomach and walking breathily down the side of the road.

The corn is much higher than it was six weeks ago. I feel private, hidden, like I'm in the jungle. I know what it's like to ski these trails in winter.

Those robins are startled. I startled them with my running.

A rabbit.

God it's beautiful out here.
I'm really grateful. 

Here I am crying on the edge of a corn field.

Here I am spinning in circles on the edge of a corn field.

The sun is setting. A hawk takes flight.

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