Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Dr. Gosch says secrets are unhealthy"*

I cannot stay off my bike. Already today I have gone for an hour-long walk and done an hour of vinyasa. Still I take to the paths at sunset. A few miles down the rural road I remember that biker who was chased by mountain lions not three weeks back. Nothing to do but keep pedaling home. On my way I pass two mule deer grazing in a horse pasture, one of them with the largest set of antlers I've ever seen.

Dear kestrel I am sorry that our worlds converged at the exact moment you were seizing a grasshopper in your talons for a late-night snack. My tire nearly collided with your small, brown body and in navigating out of a collision you sadly dropped your catch. I was so happy to see you but so sorry to have prolonged your hunt.

The grasshoppers are shedding their casings, or mating with caterpillars, or straddling slugs. Whatever the change, they look different as I approach them on the roadside; they are not so quick to hop away.

That man is poison I see him and I know it.

That cat couldn't decide what it wanted. It cried and cried for attention, then swung its neck away as I reached out to say hello.

I can relate. 

Discernment is.

We sure do have a lot of memories together. All those places we've lived and the fights we've had. All that choosing to keep going.

I haven't seen my friends in so long.  

In the land of organicville they make ketchup from agave. In the land of agave the bouncers make sexist comments while I stand beside them, waiting for them to stamp my hand.

I like my cheap wine with seltzer and frozen blueberries, please. I sure could use a back rub.

If what you see is beautiful then I too will try to see beautiful. Anything you can imagine I can imagine brighter.

I didn't even realize how tightly I'd clutched my hand to my chest. I am working hard to relax my fingers. Please know how hard I am working.

I am a brave person. I am proud of myself for being brave.

*from "We Are Called to Rise" by Laura McBride

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