Thursday, February 13, 2014

(lessons learned while reading AMAs on reddit)

take the high road.

there is a theoretical limit which is around 1,000 km for the outer dimension.

if I let anger take over, I am going to become a victim again.

life is a big collaboration.

the consensus view of global temperature increase over the next century is a curve with a peak in the 2-4 C range... the most probable outcome (at least on the 100 year time scale) has risks that are probably manageable, but as Marty Weitzman at Harvard has pointed out, we need to pay attention to the tail of the risk distribution, because the economic and societal risks can be very large there.

growing up is very hard.

where possible, avoid going through the media who often have agendas that have little to do with truth finding.

it's very disarming to the other party when you are calm and poised through adversity.

raise the bar!

think about forgetting the past because it has no importance to the present or future unless you hold onto it.

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