Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heron sighting

One thing I am learning about faith is that you can't have faith in things happening in a certain way, only in that they will happen.

Speaking of which last night I drove out past the hotel where that coworker got married to a church, which is unusual for me these days, or at least I started driving there but then I followed a yellow schoolbus in the dark to a brick building near the end of the development I lost the schoolbus went inside went to the bathroom laughed with the woman who accidentally walked into the men's bathroom sat down in the auditorium got comfortable took some deep breaths then a man stood up to talk into his microphone headset and I grabbed my coat ran drove off like a maniac in pursuit of that yellow bus, screaming into my cell phone careening down a darkened road alongside a gated community.

I thought I might miss her.

Instead I sprint to the doors of the church this time, the yellow schoolbus is in the parking lot, I slide into a hard pew and stretch my body over the armrest so I can see around the pillar. Her hair is grey-dreadlocked and her pink scarf looks just fine with her new blue sweater. She speaks and I am confronted by my expectations, stiffened, and then she makes me laugh.

It takes what it takes.
Hope inspires the good to reveal itself. 
Forgiveness is where almost all of the miracles reside. 
Just feed each other and get each other some water.  

I am a spiritual person, "yes" I write on the college students' survey, and last night was a spiritual experience. Still all that lofty talk didn't prevent me from looking down during our hike today, kicking at grass alongside the road until he mentions the herons and sure enough in the sky there are two of them, right above me great blue. All that cawing from God, all those great big yellow buses, and I nearly missed them for needing to look up.

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