Monday, February 16, 2015

highly sensitive people

I mean come the fuck on. 

"Make a pact to better our planet and we'll give you a free eco-tote."

In other news, war is peace.

In other news, all signs no signifieds.

In other news, your kindness will cost you your job.

Baudrillard you dog.

It tells me I'm silly to care about being a good person. 
What a relief. I'll just sit here laughing at the person paid to pretend that caring is lame.

At least cowgirl horse camp starts soon.


Oh great, we're back to the crying again.

On occasion I've failed to acknowledge this.

I'm not sure if sleeping in the same bed is something that roommates do then again on occasion I myself have done it. I suppose just like any other word roommate is what you make it.

If I stare at him long enough maybe he'll give me a bite of that coconut yogurt.

I won't count them if you will.

I see your gaslight shining from up here behind the lamp on the third floor. I see its ashen pall, the putridity of Green #40. I pull the cord.


I want a revolutionary kind of love.
By that I mean I don't want to put cages around each other.

I want to say how was your weekend and I hope you have a great night. On occasion I want to be comfortable using exclamation points.

I want to take your fingers into my mouth and suck them.


There is a 90 percent chance of snow tonight.

Here's the thing: I am all upturned.

I refuse to let the kindness run out of me.

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