Monday, February 16, 2015

The Wilson Chronicles Part III

Nearly every time I lie down Wilson finds me, all 9.6 pounds of him, ready for cuddles. He has no qualms of rejection. He climbs aboard and waits to be kissed.

Here are a few of Wilson's middle names:

His Highliness III
Wild Man

Wilson isn't concerned with the weather, or disrespectful coworkers, or having a lousy job. He has his needs: canned chicken, cod & tuna, water dripping from the bathroom sink. Play time. Cuddles.

On occasion he'll also spend time in the closet. Or crouched on the porch, practicing his hunting, if squirrels or birds are around. If you're not a chicken or a cod or a tuna or water dripping or one of his favorite toys (there's Birdy, Red Fuzzy Thingy, That String, Catnip Everdeen, Mr. Fish...), if you're not cuddling or an accessory to squirrel hunting or closet exploration, then Wilson may not have need for you. He is a cat who knows what he wants. No dawdling.

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