Thursday, February 23, 2017

(don't) burn bridges

Where is the hummus?
He spreads red sauce over the crust.

I wrote a haiku while I was in the bathtub. Now I forget it. It ended with the word "red".

He washes the kale.

I listen to a podcast about procreating agreements.

I have been thinking a lot that I am only just beginning to understand what it means to be friends.

He pats mozzarella onto the top.

I spent a lot of money on having the option to run away.

My god, that's why I thought of it.

Wilson scrambles onto the couch in a burst of speed.

That bag of bananas is still so very, very green.

Those look good. 


Your pizzas. 

They've got kale on 'em.  


I knew she was done and the radio silence confirms it.

Picture a whale with knuckles. 

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