Tuesday, February 7, 2017

will you miss me

Woody Guthrie keeping me going.

Here's one thing I have learned: Being married doesn't mean shit about one's ability to love. That comes from somewhere else.

Wilkum wilkum falconswan long-necked waterfowl red-cheeked hummingbirds red-topped woodpeckers chillypenguins pelicans goldfinchesinpinkflowers blackestravens dancer-leggedplovers bluebirdssharingworms

The irises have been in water inside the glass jar for just about five hours now and a few of them are starting to open.

mottled gold bowl from Vietnam

One thing that is different is that when I am feeling it I know he's feeling it too.

I miss Mona.

fingerless mauve gloves is that right, mauve?

the owner of the local music shop the next town over wanted to charge me $450 for the used Martin, but due to the negligible crack in the solid wood top I talked him down, down, down and now I am the owner of the most beautiful guitar out of Nazareth (and this time I'm going to learn how to play.)

I know that I can because I'm gliding down icy downhills on my cross-country skis now and a month ago I side-stepped down the edge of them.

What a bowl!

As expected, the stand-up veterinarian was pretty entertaining.

I made the green clay cup on the pottery wheel--my first project in that class nearly a decade ago--and it has been a source of some embarrassment but also a functional change jar or rinse water cup for painting ever since, and that is why I brought it with me (along with an extremely limited assortment of possessions) to Colorado. now it sits on the little ledge behind the door and spiders have turned it into a mansion. I will not use it as a change jar or a rinse water cup for painting because they have covered it in such beautiful webbing; it is their home, and I'm happy to have provided it, all the way from pennsylvania.

watersheds soils entomology tree and shrub pruning landscaping vegetables

I do not know him that well but I think we love each other in some way and today when we met unexpectedly in the coffee shop he was so genuinely happy to see me that he put his hand on my back in my copper wool sweater and it felt good

When I start to feel like I made a huge mistake I remind myself that love is still real even when it's temporary.

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