Saturday, May 3, 2014

folly, part one

yes that white egret standing alone in the clear-cut marsh on the side of the highway destroyed me, i mean really broke my heart in the definitive sense of the term, but for now i want to focus on the fact that we all really need to get out more. i mean i had nearly forgotten there's a whole world outside of where and how i live, and simultaneously as the white egret stands alone in the clear-cut marsh on the side of the highway, a lot of beautiful things still exist there.

who knows if it's true but apparently there's a word, ubuntu, that means "I am what I am because of who we all are".

over the past few days i have observed myself on several occasions using the term whack, as in, that is whack, in addition to the phrase that is mad bullshit. i have found that these phrases apply to a diversity of circumstances and am completely fine with this linguistic development.

today i walked out over the atlantic ocean on a 1,054-foot-long pier in south carolina and when i pressed up to the rail between crowds of fishermen, one of whom flashed me such a beautiful smile, i looked down and saw a stingray and several fat, pink jellyfish in the water. i mean wow.

after walking around downtown and then across the beach, barefoot and into the cold water and over sharp-pointed shells, my brother and i poured ourselves tall glasses of vodka and sat on the porch trading stories about dating. i should really get drunk with my brother more often.

then my nephew arrived and hot damn he is crawling now, cruising around the beach rental, and he can pull himself up and walk a little as long as he has something to hold onto. later at night before his parents gave him his bath he hung upside down in his dad's arms and i turned my head upside down to make faces beside his and he smiled and tugged my hair and then stuck his fingers up my nostrils and into my mouth. i didn't even care that earlier his hands had been smeared all over the floor and the porch outside and the hands of the little girl who gave him a flower on the sidewalk, and i think this is probably what everyone is referring to when they talk about love.

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