Thursday, May 8, 2014

soup cookie

what does that upside-down peace sign flag mean him standing on the corner serious by the grocery store i roll by under flower trees and wonder.

i was going to write more from folly but instead i just was there, and it was good, sun hot on shoulders drunk hand over mouth in the back room. nephew tossed wet sand on his hat and crawled straight for the waves.

after 14 hours in the car my back aching i stooped nonetheless to cat waiting anxious at the door in the dark hasn't left my side since. i kiss the top of his little orange head and he purrs.

i'm in a real pickle now i know what i want don't know if i'm wanted back now is the time i suppose to be brave. do you hear me?

a man was so angry at me he demanded i ship him that old gifted blond-wood guitar across two states or else hurt me but he also taught me to be honest and for that i am grateful. at the same time i do not know how to respond to social media requests.

how cool was that bike ride hands clasped and windswept the world was greenblurrysunset-lipsredskytreegreenfields-holdingonblinkingatthe-widegreenopen

listen up pandora if i wanted to hear blackbird by the beatles i would have selected "depression remix". as it stands i asked you for radiohead not that i enjoy listening to a random mix of mildly related songs by mostly mediocre artists but the stereo is currently in the kitchen and i lost all my music from my old computer and here i am lying on this couch singing to wilson



let's see you taught me i need to protect my own self you that good kissing matters you that i prefer not to be a vessel for the wrong person's melancholia you so many things mostly beauty and also gentleness and also that love can last forever you that i have power at my fingertips you that great minds can intellectualize themselves out of loving you that love is real even when it is temporary you how to be honest that being loved is not the same as loving you to be tough to not expect small favors you how to love someone when they're having sex with someone else in the next room how not to push too hard you how to have sex for fun you that when a man jokes about how capable he is of raping me while lying on a bed with me with my shirt off it is okay that i never called him back yes even though he bought me flowers you that brotherly love can be just as powerful as the romantic stuff you i am not sure yet maybe to never abandon my relationship to my self oh and also to get drunk sometimes and dance

well that was uncomfortable and i apologize.

i'm warning you right now give me a few lines of space to get cheesy but come on i left my garden untended for just five days and weeds grew up all over the fuckin place and how can anyone not point out the metaphor? be triewe, that is all there is. be triewe.

also be curious, soup cookie, right this way

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