Friday, May 9, 2014

you're not even good enough to be in creation*

cartilage kneeblankets stairwell tapestries

white-scraped larynx mutilates pustulerot

don't believe me i'll show you

don't believe me    i'll show you

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm wainscoting i'm an inexpensive way to upgrade your living space i'm old world charm i'm the warmth of wood i'm only trouble is only trouble is only trouble is

slide from walls slip-mucus through fence-posts cry-whisper goodbye moose and better luck next time and it was nice knowing you and please don't hate me and I hope your hooves feel better and i understand if you do

vodka shots, bigger than expected. grilled chicken on a salad. dear drunk librarian. wet-white tissues in a dimly lit room. dry your eyes honey dry your eyes honey dry.your.eyes

the waitress is coming.

 you have to wash your body.

fuck you.

who papier-mached the bathroom. who is walking holding hands. pinch wet cheeks it will be less obvious. let him be mean you can take it. please and listen and i know you and me too.

cry me a creekbed. drinking orange juice again with the lid on. carotid deeper, carotid deeper, carotid-fuck your sandwiches. brown paper bags.

i saw a baby rabbit. i walked over the bridge. i wanted to stop but i was tired. the sun was setting. my feet hurt. i was thinking too much. the cross-legged statue and the big white rocks were gone. yesterday i pulled into a gas station beside a crushed yellow bird.

*Freaks and Geeks

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