Friday, April 18, 2014

(at least I only spent twelve dollars)

well shit the plants didn't make it. shriveled and black they dissolve into dirt grim reaper incarnate at least
i only spent twelve dollars
at least
alyssum is still alive

the parentheticals are back fuck it i'm a gemini do you believe in astrology in ghosts in eternity? do you believe in small wooden boxes stuffed with paperclips post-it notes staples a pencil sharpener older than my body's cells i'm a regeneration motherfucker do you?

thank you for speaking tonight i am proud of you and also myself. i am grateful to the small black hairs sprouting from my calves. tomorrow i may shave them but for tonight they are my only companions, i awake and the cat on the couch sleeping. my socks do not match.

well this is the end of the line for the time being it's time to brush my teeth wash my face (how often have i confused colloquialisms) lay my body down. if i should die before i wake i will not tyrannize the minds of children if i should become a ghost i will slip misty into people's minds i will whisper love what you love, listen to music, and sing, and singing, and sing

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