Monday, April 28, 2014


Whatever you do, do not let anyone convince you that eating stewed olives is a good idea. They are disgusting.

I forgot to buy nutritional yeast at the natural foods store. Now it is closed and who knows when I'll have time to stop by again, what with all the gardening I have to do. We built a fence and tilled the soil (not all of it yet because it is hard, slow going, but the last of it in good time) and planted heirloom seeds and starters: red russian and lacinato kales, broccoli, deep red and golden beets, atomic red carrots, amish deer tongue and purple lettuces, apple mint, lavender. The tomatoes, peppers, melons, and cucumbers we'll plant after the last frost. I haven't been this happy in some time.

We hauled buckets of water from the fieldhouse (drink up, little ones), then I ran home from the gardens-- easy, bright, sunshine and flowers and birds whistling at me and dogs so glad to be outside. I know the feeling, friends. That was one hell of a long winter.

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