Sunday, April 13, 2014

rain poem

you too.

fuck the parentheticals i'm done. there is the post's title like it or you don't. i think the doctors were right about my propensity toward low blood sugar.

it was pounding rain the rabbit sat at the base of the holly tree nibbling grasses getting wet.

today is warmer than a day has been in-- seven months? that it has been that long, and that the warmth still comes. if i had died this winter i would never have known

fry an egg put it on top of my oatmeal with cinnamon yes i know but you might like it.

the rain trees leaving hard.

cat lies on the cream-colored rug blissed out on 'nip. he stretches long, slow, and stays that way.

i am attempting to get back to a place within myself.

order oshinko rolls lie hot on the couch in pink-polka-dot boxers. when is the last time i wore my legs bare, outside of the shower or disheveled sheets. maybe one of these days i'll even shave my thighs.

i am at risk of saying a different name now. i call the cat something else.

i have grown scared of changing my life, but i want to.

today while walking i saw among other things three bumblebees, one sideview mirror adhered to its car with zebra-print duct tape, dogs playing together happy in the park, a blue house from top to bottom. also a sign saying "change before you have to". fuck off clothing proprietor don't tell me how to live my life.

still, you have a point.

dinosaur paws pad windowsills. the golf ball drops. how to tell if i am satisfied or settling. if it is a binary equation.

it was pounding rain you were sad we held hands stepped outside yes here yes do i help you feel happy?

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